Mycolourguide all types of Cement Dealers in Kolkata that is the only substance that binds all the building material together, is the most significant and important part of each construction. There are 3 kinds of Cement are normally used like PSC, PPC & OPC. Our professional team of engineers and technical advisors provides building, plants and other technical advice completely free if cost to our customers. They standby in your RCC Castings as well as check certificate. Our reputed organization myclolourguide is Cement Dealers in Kolkata for a long time. From a small business, we’ve spread ourselves in the past few years and became licensed Dealers of famous cement brands which are used in each and every constructional purpose. From retail to wholesale with full raw material and labor contract jobs and turnkey projects, we have a really happy consumer base.

Our key focus

is to provide the ordered cement products on time and not to make the client wait. As we had our own trucks, it’s comfortable for us to save time in a precise manner. As a result, within the time span of twenty-five years, we’ve sub-dealers everywhere the state that counts up to a thousand. That is the only reasons to achieve a perfect business relationship with our sub-dealers is that we maintain all of their accounts in a computerized format by having separate information set each and every sub-dealer.

Our main objective is to satisfy the patrons because the contractors are engaged in a very sketch to build a dwelling place and corporate buildings. The buildings must be burly for years, and severally, they expect only quality in cement.

Our best services in delivering cement products in apt time including more sub-dealers to us, that was a proliferating improvement in our business. Our deals are completely reliable and there are not any hidden charges charged by us which are liked by our contractors and sub-dealers.