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Mycolourguide is a generic name these days, and it has been the primary selection for the consumers since a very long time. With a strong notion to introduce with the growing age of technology, Mycolourguide has delivered a line of new age merchandise like water-based liquid paints, unigloss, eco-friendly products, etc. That provide true worth for money.

Why choose us?Mycolourguide believes that the lasting protection should be best known with beauty and that’s specifically what its products intend to do. Standing strong for high value, it has emerged as the most trusted brand long time ago. Best-known for its outstanding exterior range of products, mycolourguide embarks on to supply a wide range of interior products yet. Being the most trusted friend of the construction business, we've introduced an entirely new spectrum of special water-based liquid products for interior and also exterior. Our in-depth and qualitative analysis paves the way for innovation which blooms happiness on the faces of our clients. We strives to upgrade the existing products with advanced technology and introduce new things simultaneously.Our experienced team with qualified technologists and scientists firmly supports the company’s business set up and marketing needs. we are totally equipped with progressive scientific instruments, refined testing, and analytical instruments, color matching softwares, automatic dispensing machines, accelerated weathering equipment for developing, standardizing and testing our products.We extend valuable support to different functions like producing, sourcing in terms of process standardizations, product training, material effectivity amongst many. We thoroughly promote non-polluting water-based paints. We firmly believe the organized consumption of wind energy. we care for the eco-system so we have a good advanced system for the treatment of industrial plant effluents. we want to leave our natural resources unhurt for our next generation. Health & Safety of our staff, environment and the plant is our high priority. With our best functioning units cover the length and breadth of Kolkata, we perceive the importance of a well-placed center. So we've strategically established ourselves in Kolkata. This not only help us to provides higher and quicker response time and also high-quality servicing.We believe it’s importance to maintain consistency in technological advancements and to introduce new technology for a better tomorrow. So that's why we've set up a well-equipped team. Every house is beautiful and that we bear the proper amount of skills and credibilities to bring out the best out of them. From a house to a building to a whole complex, our revamped self has the ability to create the world look colorful and delightful. Our colors only just don’t add layers of beauty to homes in and out, it protects them too. one of our biggest strength is that our paints are eco-friendly and we take the supreme pride in serving our beloved clients.

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