AAC Block Joint Chemical Suppler in Kolkata West Bengal

Mycolourguide with its comprehensive AAC Block Joint Chemical Supplier range is dedicated in its quest to achieve the best level of qualitative production in the trade. With a powerful back-up and a sound business blueprint, the company is concentrated to become a leader in the segment.

The urge to serve the construction industry with very best products in all respect, it became necessary to comply with the necessities to provide environment-friendly products. the construction materials used in the Kolkata including the construction chemicals are no exceptions. We at mycolourguide is during a continuous process of modifying our products to eliminate any harmful ingredient so we serve the society with echo-friendly finished materials. That endeavor ends in getting a certification of green products Certification for Building Sector for a variety of our products that is first of its kind in this city. Our products for Waterproofing, Sealing Construction and growth joints, Mortar for Brick/AAC Block fixing etc. We have successfully received certification that no health-hazardous component is present in its constituents and that they are safe to be used in the for Building housing industry.

AAC BLOCK joint chemical is a factory prepared blend of carefully selected raw materials, Portland cement and graded aggregates and polymers.

Our customers choose us as a reason we offer modern technology. And deliver unmatched services, training, and provide some of the best solutions in the business for better construction. Since over a long time, our approach to business has to get us to transform from a small Construction Chemical upstart Manufacturer and promoting Company to a top supplier of Construction solution. This didn’t happen suddenly, and also without a total commitment to our mission. serving customers get a quality product is our prime object and we try to match our products to international standards.

My Color Guide is known as one of the best AAC Block Joint Chemical Supplier and other construction raw materials Supplier and wholesaler in Kolkata and all over west Bengal.